Our Story

Since 2005, WWCC has been Greater Lafayette’s ONLY Lafayette-based Christ-centered, Bible-teaching radio station. We’re on the air all day, every day! Our week-day line-up consists of half-hour and shorter programs. On the weekends we air teaching programs but also prophecy and current events shows, many of which address the tough questions and situations Christians and the Christian worldview face daily. If you listen regularly, we guarantee yours will be a rich, rewarding, biblical teaching experience. See our Program Lineup for details. It’s our privilege to air some of the best teachers and expositors in the US. Our programs make you want to read your Bible!

As Jesus spoke of in Matthew 28, also known as the “Great Commission”, our role in disciple-making is to help you obtain and maintain a real, loving relationship with a real and loving Jesus — which can only be revealed through a consistent and thorough immersion in His word. We want you to go deep in your relationship with Christ. There are no frills, no compromises, no corners cut here – we get to the Truth by teaching it. Come join us and hear for yourself!

Thanks for listening to FM97.3, WWCC!